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What We Do

Using proven methodologies, we apply decades of knowledge, experience and training to your organization’s unique issues in order to develop a solution custom tailored to your business to help it reach its full potential



Leadership is the art of influencing others to achieve a common goal and 13Ten is here to assist.
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Process is the foundation of any repeatable operation and 13Ten can assist in making process improvements with bottomline results
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The ability to look at an issue from another viewpoint generally provides the insight and clarity necessary for resolution.
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Solutions & Performance

Solutions & Performance.

Any potential solution needs to be results-driven in order to improve performance.
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Our Expertise is In

We have worked in manufacturing, logistics, project management, materials, quality, supply chain and information technology, always focused on improving people, process and technology to ultimately improve performance.
While many limit the term operations to the more traditional functions of manufacturing, logistics or other supply chain organizations, every business has operations whether scheduling subcontractors, performing back-office functions of paying suppliers or collecting from customers, prioritizing customer projects, applying resources to maximize return; every business has numerous other daily operational functions that we can assist you to improve.


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13Ten Business Solutions

We design solutions; Together we achive results.
13Ten Business Solutions. We specializes in strategy, performance, management, technology and operations consulting with a focus on the use of project management tools and lean principles to ensure bottom-line results through people, process and technology.


To strengthen organizations and individuals through process and performance to withstand the test of time in order to benefit employees, customers, stakeholders and their communities.




The “people” of business include employees, customers, supply chains, investors and the communities in which they all live and work


It’s important to know from where you come as it helps shape and define you. Yet the past should not constrain our future, Just provide a foundation upon which to build.


While we certainly admire the achievements and performance of the business, we know that it wouldn’t be possible without the abilities and qualities of its people, and thus we respect both.


While we respect the performance of people and the business to-date, it ‘is only through changing the established that improvements can be made; whether these changes are in methods, ideas, or products.


Strong moral principles are fundamental to long-term success which means doing what’s right even when no one is looking.


Proficiency of performance is the desired outcome and while it may not be initially achieved, through continuous improvement, the opportunity to achieve excellence is born.


Everything cannot always go well and as such the ability toquickly rebound from adversity is key.